Natural Cotton Huipil with Caracol Embroidery

Natural Cotton Huipil with Caracol Embroidery

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Soft cotton cloth woven by hand.....embroidered with tradtional motifs.  This huipil is the real thing.  We found it in Oaxaca, Mexico at a celebration of the art of this classic clothing style.  The woman who made it was lauded for her exceptional work.

The purple dye used for some of the embroidery thread is caracol.  It is extracted from a snail, without harming the snail!  The process is an ancient practice that few artisans know how to do anymore. It's a very special dye and a very special huipil!

Comfort and style, what could be better?


*One Size. Fits like a Small. 100% Cotton.

Why choose us?

Celebrating Handmade

Each piece we have is made by the hands of skilled artisans. Handmade items, by nature, are each unique and have color and size variations. We celebrate those variations and hope you will too!




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