Cedi and Mariama are continuing a long tradition of making glass beads for personal adornment in Ghana.  Cedi, which means bead, was nicknamed this by his grandmother because of his love of the craft from a young age.

In eastern Ghanaian Krobo culture, kings and queens have worn these beads as symbols of their wealth and status.  Young girls wear strings of colorful beads during the traditional dipo, or coming-of-age ceremony. Some beads are thought to have healing power.  We just know that we feel good when we wear them!

Cedi is an internationally known teacher of the technique of bead-making.  The process starts with recycling glass, such as bottles or broken window panes, funneling it into clay moulds, and firing it in a wood burning kiln.  Beautiful designs are created by painting the beads, firing and then repeating the process. Cedi and Mariama host multiple workshops to teach the history and culture of these beads. They employ over 20 people at their site and contribute to improving the standard of living in their community.

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