Wounaan Bangle Purple Green Geo
Wounaan Bangle Purple Green Geo
Wounaan Bangle Purple Green Geo

Wounaan Bangle Purple Green Geo

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  1. Made by the women of the Wounaan tribe, an indigenous people who live in areas of Colombia and Ecuador, these bangles are part of an ancient tradition of weaving.  The Wounaan are known for their basket making, elevated to a high art form.  Collectors buy their baskets for lofty prices.  The same technique is used to make these appealing and handsome bangles.

Though they appear glossy, the bangles are made from all-natural materials.  The fibers come from the werregue palm which is only found in a specific area of Colombia.  The fibers are gathered, washed, dried, and then dyed with the juice of fruits and plants.  The artisans coil and polish the werregue fibers by first rubbing them against their leg and then with a cloth.

The Wounaan struggle to make a living in the modern world and have been badly affected by the pandemic.  By buying their work, you empower them and help to preserve the culture and skills that have been passed to them from previous generations.

Material Werregue palm
Dimensions 4" Diameter

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