Fedele Hoops
Fedele Hoops
Fedele Hoops

Fedele Hoops

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This design was named Fedele, meaning faithful or loyal in Italian, because jewelry of this type is traditionally given to a bride in Sardinia with the wish for a long and prosperous marriage.  Each tiny “flower” of gold filigree is inspired by the ears of corn which symbolize abundance.

Exquisitely executed in 18k gold filigree by the workshop of Kokku in Sardinia, Italy.


This style is currently sold out.  Please email info@stelisebazaar.com to be notified as soon as the artisan can make another pair!


Material 18K Gold
Dimensions 10mm Diameter, 4mm Width

Why choose us?

Celebrating Handmade

Each piece we have is made by the hands of skilled artisans. Handmade items, by nature, are each unique and have color and size variations. We celebrate those variations and hope you will too!




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