Fuschina Table Runner
Fuschina Table Runner
Fuschina Table Runner

Fuschina Table Runner

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This is a one-of-a kind piece that we discovered in an organization that fosters and supports traditional crafts in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is unique for the dye method used and found today only in Santiago Ixtayutla, a town in the coastal mountains of Oaxaca.  

The artisan wove natural Mexican cotton and threads dyed in a fuchsine dye that is very unstable.  The magenta dyed threads create ancient patterns of ducks, snakes or lightning, and flowers.  After taking the textile off the loom, the weaver carefully folds the piece and soaks it in water and soap.  This allows the dyed threads to create a stamped pattern. This dye was only used during a full moon!

The textile can be used in multiple ways....fully open so you see all three panels, or folded so you just use one or two.  It is a versatile piece that makes a stunning table cover, or wall hanging.  Truly a collectors' piece!  And oh what a glorious color.


Material 100% Cotton
Dimensions 88" long and 24 1/4" wide

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