Mahira Scarf Sky
Mahira Scarf Sky
Mahira Scarf Sky

Mahira Scarf Sky

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These scarves are made from luscious soft mulberry silk that drapes just like you want it to.  The hands of talented Indian artisans from Sidr Craft create the patterns through multiple steps of folding and dyeing the fabric.  The result is a sumptuous textile that you will reach for time and again not only for its feel against your skin, but for the statement it makes in your attire.


Material 100% Silk
Dimensions 79" x 21.5"

Why choose us?

Celebrating Handmade

Each piece we have is made by the hands of skilled artisans. Handmade items, by nature, are each unique and have color and size variations. We celebrate those variations and hope you will too!




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