Double Fan Necklace
Double Fan Necklace
Double Fan Necklace
Double Fan Necklace

Double Fan Necklace

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This contemporary San jewelry is made from hand chiseled ostrich eggshell beads. Yes, you read that correctly…..this jewelry is made from the abandoned shell of ostrich eggs, collected in the desert of Namibia.  The tradition is approximately 10,000 years old, dating from the original hunter gatherers of southern Africa. The egg shell has a similar consistency and hand to it as bone. The beads are cut and smoothed with microscopic precision. The beads are then strung and woven into necklaces by artisans from the Omba Arts Trust.  There is both a delicacy and a power in each piece.  You must wear it to experience it!


Material Ostrich Eggshell 
Dimensions Length 21", Drop 2.5"



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