Aksil Bag
Aksil Bag
Aksil Bag
Aksil Bag

Aksil Bag

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The Tuareg people of Timidwa in North Africa are known as talented artisans. The women in the tribe do exquisite leatherwork. The colors and patterns are distinctively Tuareg, passed down from mother to daughter over generations.


The Aksil bag is a traditional Tuareg pouch, most commonly used by men. The name means cheetah or leopard and the designs reflect that. We think it is an accessory that will spice up any outfit!


Material 100% Leather
Dimensions 6.5" Height x 5,5" Width

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Celebrating Handmade

Each piece we have is made by the hands of skilled artisans. Handmade items, by nature, are each unique and have color and size variations. We celebrate those variations and hope you will too!




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